Faculty of Music - Study - Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning  

At the Faculty of Music there are the following studies in the lifelong learning programme:

  1. Further education in the Methodology Centre - for graduates from conservatories, academies of performing arts and faculties of education
  2. Study stays for Czech and foreign citizens

Study stays

Acceptance requirements
Scholarships under the term of lifelong learning are intended for Czech citizens, foreigners and secondary school graduates who can prove their talent and skills in their chosen study discipline on the level of requirements for bachelor degree programme. The language of instruction is usually English or German.
Applicants present documents about their completed education, about education in their chosen study discipline, a CV and an own record. The Faculty reserves the right to invite the applicants for a replay or a try-out.

The dean of the Faculty together with the administration decides about granting the scholarship and its length.

Nowadays the Faculty of Music provides the study in all accredited study disciplines for Czech citizens; foreign students are offered the study in the following disciplines: percussion instruments, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, violin, violoncello, double bass, piano, organ, harpsichord, composition, and choral and orchestral conducting.

Participants complete one- or two-term course, in which they are offered some supplement subjects in the extent of 8 lessons (1 lesson = 45 minutes) a week:

Department of percussion instrumentsNo. of lessons/week
Instrument performance 2
Study of the repertoire with piano 1
Interpratative 2
Chamber music 1
Czech language 2
Department of wind instrumentsNo. of lessons/week
Instrument performance 2
Study of the repertoire with piano 1
Interpretative seminar 2
Chamber music 1
Czech language 2
Department of string instrumentsNo. of lessons/week
Instrument performance 2
Study of the repertoire with piano 1
Interpretative seminar 2
Chamber music 1
Czech language 2
Department of keybord instrumentsNo. of lessons/week
Instrument performance 2
Interpretative seminar 2
Chamber music 2
Czech language 2
CompositionNo. of lessons/week
Composition 2
Seminar 2
Electro-acoustic equipment 2
Czech language 2
ConductingNo. of lessons/week
Seminar 2
Conducting 2
Aural analysis 1
Score reading 1
Czech language 2
VoiceNo. of lessons/week
Voice 2
Study of the repertoire with piano 2
Interpretative seminar 2
Czech language 2
Opera Direction
Is not offered.
Music management
Is not offered.

In case of a one-term course it is possible to apply for a reduced offer including only the study of the chosen subject (possibly with a piano accompanist); in this case the price depends on the fixed hourly rate.
When studying a course for a shorter period than one term, it is possible to study only the main subject (with possible piano accompanist; however, without other supplement subjects) two lessons a week; different number of lessons is possible by prior arrangement with the tutor. In case of a shorter study, it is not necessary to start the study at the beginning of academic year.

Participants do not pass advancement examinations, they do not obtain a diploma, only a certificate of attendance in the lifelong learning course.

The lifelong learning is charged and the amount of the fee depends on the form and length of the study.
The price for the basic offer - 1 term, 8 hours a week - EUR 2,500.

In case of shorter form of the study the price for one lesson is EUR 50,- (main subject), EUR 20,- (piano accompanist).

List of teachers

Study discipline Teacher Language of instruction
Orchestral conducting Hališka Rostislav German
  Skoták Emil German
  Zbavitel Jan German
Choral conducting Mátl Lubomír German, English, French
  Pančík Josef German
Clarinet Polák Milan English
  Spilka Vít English
Composition Faltus Leoš German, French
  Medek Ivo English
  Parsch Arnošt German
Double bass Jelínek Miloslav English
Flute Kantor František English
  Kunt Václav English
French horn Petráš Jindřich German, (English)
Guitar Bláha Vladislav English
  Mysliveček Martin German
Harpsichord Willi Barbara Maria German, English
Oboe Sequardt Ivan English
Organ Klugarová Kamila German, English
Percussion instruments Opršál Martin German
Piano Hloušková Josefa German
  Jiraský Jan English
  Rajnohová Alice English
  Sláviková Vladimíra Russian, German
  Velebová Dana French, English
  Vlasáková Alena English, Russian, Polish
Trumpet Broda Jan German, (English)
Trombone Kozánek Robert English
Viola Procházka Karel English
Violin Novotný František English
  Vacek Miloš English
Violoncello Zicha Miloslav German, (English)
Voice Beňačková Marta German, English
  Šmukař Zdeněk German